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Heart guest book

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Note: You can put about 80 small hearts


Guest Book Alternatives

The best way to remember your loved ones who traveled from near and far to attend your wedding is through a guest book.

And while many couples have traditionally set up a designated station at their wedding for friends and family to sign a standard guest book in commemoration of their big day, those guest books tend to get sidelined to a bookshelf or storage box once the festivities come to a close.

Should I get a Guest Book?

The Heart Guest Book is all about having fun with the guests and using whimsical and clever ideas that you'll really enjoy years from now!

As more couples move away from traditional guest books, unique and functional guest book alternatives are showing up in the most creative ways, and we are definitely here for it!

Every Heart Guest Book is carefully handmade in our workshop, so we can only accept a limited number of orders each week.

Your attendees will write their loving thoughts and bits of advice for a happy marriage on the hearts and drop them into the frame.

It Turns Into a Beautiful Decoration
After the ceremony is over, the Heart Guest Book becomes a loving keepsake to treasure and display for years on end.

You can take all the loving messages home with you and remember them all the times.

What's included?

Price includes: Heart frame + wooden hearts + stand

Note: You can put about 80 small hearts


The small wooden hearts are about 3 cm - 1.18''

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