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The Original Flame Diffuser

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Add A Unique Touch To Your Setup That Will Keep Your Room Smelling Fresh, Boost Your Mood, And Help You Focus 

The flame diffuser is a convenient and unique way to benefit from the myriad benefits of essential oils and your favorite perfume. It doesn’t only make your setup look much better and makes everyone ask you where you got it but it also helps you relax after a long day and brings new energy and freshness into your room.


The original flame diffuser convinces with its simple elegance and manages to add a unique touch to any room. Spread the pure scent of essential oils and find new strength for your everyday life with a flame diffuser.


Our new flame diffuser is a convenient and elegant way to benefit from the myriad benefits of essential oils. The 100% natural fragrances help you to relax after a long day or bring new energy and freshness into your home. If you are longing for more calm, energy or focus, then our diffusers and essential oils are guaranteed to be the right choice for you. No matter the mood, there is always the right fragrance.


Can I use tap water?

Yes, tap water works as well

Is the flame real or fake, is the fog hot? Is it dangerous?

It is not a real flame, is a flame atmosphere created by light and fog and the fog is cool and not dangerous. You can drop in a few aromatherapy liquids to get relaxed..

DO I need to change the water every day?

Yes, we recommend changing the water daily to prevent grown bacteria

Is it safe for me and my electronic devices?

Absolutely, in fact, it has a lot of good health benefits especially if you use good essential oils

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✔️ Boosts your mood

✔️ Works with any essential oil or perfume

✔️ 100% safe on electric devices

✔️ One-year replacement warranty 

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